Alexa Error 701: Causes, Solutions, and Preventive Measures

Alexa Error 701

With the rise of smart home devices, Amazon’s Alexa has quickly become a household name. Its efficiency in understanding and processing voice commands has led to its growing usage and dependence. However, like all tech products, Alexa is not devoid of glitches. One error that many users encounter is the “Alexa Error 701”. Understanding this … Read more

How to make a regular TV into a smart TV

Connecting a Streaming Device

Television has always been an essential part of our living rooms. Over the years, technology has transformed the simple “idiot box” into a hub of entertainment, information, and even smart functionalities. If you’re thinking about buying a new smart TV, hold that thought. There’s a way to rejuvenate your existing regular TV and grant it … Read more

How to Watch YouTube TV on Echo Show

How to Watch YouTube TV on Echo Show

In the realm of smart devices, the Echo Show stands out as a beacon of convenience and innovation. Pairing it with YouTube’s vast content library only makes sense. Imagine having Alexa fetch your favorite YouTube video or tune into a live stream on YouTube TV without lifting a finger. Sounds enticing, right? But, there’s a … Read more

Can Alexa Control Apple TV?: Every Step You Need

Can Alexa Control Apple TV

In today’s digital era, the lines between individual smart devices are quickly blurring. With Alexa leading the voice assistant realm and Apple TV dominating the smart TV sphere, it’s only logical to wonder if these two giants can work in tandem. This guide dives deep into the steps, intricacies, and benefits of controlling your Apple … Read more

Roku Blinking Blue Light: 4 Common Causes and Solutions

Roku Blinking Blue Light

The Roku device, a prominent and highly recommended streaming player, has revolutionized the way we consume television and digital content. Its user-friendly interface, wide range of applications, and affordability have made it a favorite among many households. However, as with any electronic device, users may encounter certain issues. One of the most commonly reported problems … Read more

How to Hook Up Roku to TV Without HDMI

How to Hook Up Roku to TV Without HDMI

For many, the Roku streaming device has become synonymous with easy, on-demand entertainment. But what if your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, which most modern Roku devices rely on for connection? Fear not! In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the various methods you can use to hook up your Roku to your TV … Read more

Alexa Not Playing Apple Music: (8 Ways to Fix)

Alexa Not Playing Apple Music

With the rise of smart homes and interconnected devices, the convenience of voice commands to play our favorite music tracks has become more prevalent. Amazon’s Alexa, integrated with Apple Music, is a prime example of this evolution. However, like all tech integrations, there are instances where users encounter the unexpected issue of Alexa not playing … Read more

How to Connect Gosund to Alexa

How To Connect Gosund to Alexa

How To Connect Gosund to Alexa Connecting Gosund devices to Alexa can transform your home into a smart one. The process, while straightforward, requires careful attention to detail. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to achieving a seamless connection. Setting Up the Gosund Device Before you can connect Gosund to Alexa, it’s essential to set … Read more