I started this blog over three years ago as a twenty-something curious about how style and design could impact people’s lives. I had so many questions and opinions, I thought the only way to get them out was to start writing them down.

Little did I know that simple blog would grow into the reliable resource for home design, style inspiration and honest homemaking it is today.

As the blog grew, I realized I couldn’t do it alone and brought on a team of likeminded creative thinkers who share my passion for connecting people through design.

We come from different backgrounds and professions but are united in our desire to make this corner of the internet a safe space to discuss real style solutions for real homes and real people.

You’ll find stories here about window treatments, area rugs, swimsuits and soups. We cover renovations big and small, from the multi-year kitchen redo to that one-weekend project that somehow changed your whole space. We share the trials and errors so others might avoid the same mistakes.

The goal is to keep it real and relatable, showcasing approachable design and actionable solutions to inspire you in your own home.

While we write primarily about design and style, you’ll also find reflections on therapy, self help and healing our inner worlds to create healthy outer spaces.

Home isn’t just about beautiful things, it’s about creating a restorative environment where we can be fully ourselves. Our content aims to nurture that process in whatever season of life you find yourself.

Though I started the blog, it truly wouldn’t exist without our avid readers who keep us going with their engagement and encouragement.

Hearing how a project helped someone through a difficult time or how a small refresh rekindled their passion for their space is why we do what we do. We hope to be a source of ideas and positivity in a world that can feel heavy at times.

In addition to the blog, we work with brands who share our values to produce custom content across various media.

As a boutique agency, we partner selectively with companies focused on cultivating meaningful connections through design and purposeful consumption. We strive to set the highest standard for creative storytelling within today’s digital landscape.

Overall, we aim to walk that line between inspiration and instruction, thought-provoking and helpful.

We curate articles full of approachable ideas and good discussion supported by attractive, intentional photographythat empowers you to reflect your true self through your surroundings. Each piece hopes to leave you feeling renewed and reignited in your design journey.

Thank you for spending your time with us here. We realize that in this busy, distracted world there are a million places you could be.

So whether you’re a longtime reader or just discovering us now, know that your presence and participation enrich this space immensely.We are honored you choose to make us a part of your creative community.

This blog started as my happy place a decade ago, and I’m thrilled it has become that for so many others along the way. Here’s hoping we can continue providing moments of insight, inspiration and joy to keep you moving forward on your own unique path towards a home that truly reflects who you are.

Welcome to our happy place. We hope you’ll stay for while.