5 Best Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors: Top Picks, History, & More!

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Dutch Bros Coffee, a name synonymous with unique and flavorful beverages, has garnered a massive following for its inventive offerings, especially its line of energy drinks known as the Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors.

Whether you’re an avid coffee lover looking for a different kind of buzz or someone who’s never set foot in a Dutch Bros outlet, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about these tantalizing flavors.

Best Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors
Best Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors

From their intriguing history to what sets them apart from the plethora of energy drinks available in the market, we’ll delve deep into the world of Rebel flavors. So, buckle up and get ready for an energizing ride through the best of Dutch Bros!

History of the Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors

The journey of Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors began in the picturesque town of Grants Pass, Oregon, in the early 2000s.

Travis and Dane Boersma, the founders of Dutch Bros Coffee, recognized a gap in the market for a truly innovative energy drink that could parallel the uniqueness of their coffee brews.

With the goal of offering their customers more than just another canned stimulant, the brothers embarked on a mission to create an energy drink that was both refreshing and distinctive.

Fun Fact: The name ‘Rebel’ wasn’t just chosen on a whim. It was inspired by the idea of rebelling against the norm, of breaking free from the constraints of traditional energy drink formulations.

The Boersma brothers wanted their drink to be a ‘rebel’ in the truest sense – distinctive in taste and invigorating in spirit.

Over the years, the Rebel flavors have undergone numerous transformations. From their initial launch with just a handful of flavors to the current expansive menu that caters to a range of palates, the evolution has been nothing short of remarkable.

Collaborative efforts with baristas, who are often at the forefront of customer feedback, have led to the introduction of flavors that are a delightful blend of customer preferences and innovative thinking.

A highlight in the Rebel timeline was the 2015 launch of the Blue Rebel – a flavor that quickly became a fan favorite and paved the way for many more inventive concoctions.

While some Rebel flavors were introduced as limited-time offerings, creating a buzz and anticipation among the Dutch Bros community, others, due to their immense popularity, found a permanent home on the menu.

In essence, the history of Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors is not just a tale of beverage evolution but also a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

One of the standout features of Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors is their unique composition. They’re not just about providing an energy boost; they’re about offering a flavorful experience that’s both invigorating and satisfying.

Primary Ingredients:

  1. Rebel Energy Drink Base: The foundation of all Rebel drinks, this base is packed with caffeine and a blend of B-vitamins to ensure you get that energy kick.
  2. Natural and Artificial Flavors: These are responsible for the diverse range of tastes that the Rebel lineup offers.
  3. Syrups: Dutch Bros uses a variety of syrups to enhance and diversify the flavor profiles of their Rebel drinks. Whether it’s fruity, creamy, or tangy, there’s a syrup to match every palate.
  4. Carbonated Water: Gives the Rebel its signature fizziness and lightness.

Nutritional Breakdown (Based on a standard 8.4 oz can):

Calories116 kcal
Total Fat0g
Total Carbs29g

Note: The nutritional values might vary based on the specific flavor and any additional customizations.

When comparing the Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors to other energy drinks in the market, one can appreciate the balance they strike.

They offer enough caffeine to give you that much-needed energy boost without overwhelming your system.

Plus, the diverse flavor profiles ensure there’s something for everyone, making them not just an energy drink, but also a delightful beverage experience.

The Best Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors Ranked

1. Shark Bite

Shark Bite
Shark Bite

The Shark Bite is a visually appealing Rebel that delivers a tart grape taste. This flavor owes its distinct taste to a syrup combination of blue raspberry, coconut, lime, and pomegranate drizzle.

It strikes a balance between sweetness and tartness, and if you’re a fan of grape flavors, this one’s sure to be a hit. It’s particularly enjoyable when blended.

2. Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine
Ray of Sunshine

Living up to its name, Ray of Sunshine is a delightful drink that promises to bring a smile to your face. The syrup combination includes blackberry, peach, and grapefruit.

It’s neither too sweet nor too tart, making it a perfect middle-ground choice. For those new to Dutch Bros Rebels, this flavor serves as an excellent introduction.

3. The Aftershock

The Aftershock
The Aftershock

The Aftershock combines strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and lime, resulting in a taste reminiscent of an adult version of Fanta soda with hints of Italian soda.

If you’re a fan of Italian sodas with a berry combo, this flavor will be right up your alley. The lime adds an edge to the drink, preventing it from being overwhelmingly sweet.

4. Daydream Rebel with Soft Top

Daydream Rebel with Soft Top
Daydream Rebel with Soft Top

This is a recent addition to the Rebel menu and comes with the signature soft top. Initially, the idea of a soft top on a Rebel might seem peculiar, but it lends the drink a cream soda vibe.

The combination of elderflower and passionfruit Rebel flavors gives it a tartness reminiscent of sour patch kids. The creamy, sweet soft top complements the sourness perfectly, resulting in a harmonious blend.

5. Peach Pom Passion Mango Blended Rebel

Peach Pom Passion Mango Blended Rebel
Peach Pom Passion Mango Blended Rebel

Touted as the absolute favorite, this drink is a blend of Peach, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, and Mango syrups. It’s reminiscent of a tropical getaway and tastes like a refreshing adult slushie.

This flavor has been a hit among many, and unless you lean towards more sour flavors, it’s likely to become your favorite too.

Comparison with Other Popular Energy Drinks

In the bustling market of energy drinks, Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors have managed to carve a niche for themselves. But how do they stack up against some of the industry’s heavyweights? Let’s take a closer look.

Dutch Bros Rebel vs. Red Bull

  • Flavor Variety: While Red Bull does offer a few flavor variations, Dutch Bros Rebel boasts a much broader spectrum of flavors, catering to a wide range of palates.
  • Caffeine Content: A standard 8.4 oz can of Red Bull contains approximately 80mg of caffeine, which is on par with a similar-sized Dutch Bros Rebel.
  • Sugar Content: Red Bull’s sugar content is comparable to the Dutch Bros Rebel, but the latter offers sugar-free variations for those watching their sugar intake.
  • Price: Dutch Bros Rebel, being a specialty drink from a coffee shop chain, might be priced slightly higher than Red Bull, especially when customizations are added.

Dutch Bros Rebel vs. Monster Energy

  • Flavor Variety: Monster Energy has a wide range of flavors, but Dutch Bros Rebel’s flavors are more artisanal and customizable.
  • Caffeine Content: A standard 16 oz can of Monster contains around 160mg of caffeine, making it more potent than the Dutch Bros Rebel in terms of caffeine concentration.
  • Sugar Content: Monster typically has a higher sugar content, but like Dutch Bros Rebel, they also offer reduced sugar and zero sugar versions.
  • Price: Monster, being widely available in stores, might be more affordable than a customized Dutch Bros Rebel.

Key Takeaway:

While each energy drink has its own strengths, Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors stand out for their unique, artisanal flavors and the ability to customize them to one’s liking.

They offer a boutique experience as opposed to the mass-produced feel of some of the bigger brands. Moreover, the Dutch Bros community, the ambiance of their outlets, and the personalized service amplify the Rebel drinking experience.

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FAQs about Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors

The world of Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors is vast and varied. Naturally, customers and enthusiasts have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered for your convenience:

1. How much caffeine is in a Dutch Bros Rebel drink?

A standard 8.4 oz can of Dutch Bros Rebel contains approximately 80mg of caffeine. However, this might vary based on the size and specific flavor you choose.

2. Are there sugar-free options available?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers sugar-free syrups, allowing you to enjoy the Rebel flavors without the added sugars.

3. Can I customize my Rebel drink?

Absolutely! One of the standout features of Dutch Bros is the ability to customize your drink. You can mix and match flavors, adjust the sweetness, and even add or reduce the caffeine content.

4. How do Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors compare to other energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster?

While the caffeine content is comparable to brands like Red Bull, Dutch Bros Rebel stands out for its artisanal, customizable flavors and the overall experience it offers.

5. Are Dutch Bros Rebel drinks carbonated?

Yes, the Rebel drinks have a light fizziness due to carbonated water, giving them a refreshing edge.

6. Where can I find the nutritional information for Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors?

Nutritional information is available on the Dutch Bros official website and often at their outlets. It’s always a good idea to ask a barista if you have specific dietary concerns.

These FAQs provide a quick insight into the world of Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors. However, the best way to truly understand the hype is to try one for yourself!


Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors have, over the years, become more than just energy drinks; they represent a culture, a community, and an experience that resonates deeply with its patrons.

From the unique and expansive flavor profiles to the customizable nature of the drinks, there’s a Rebel for every palate and preference.

The journey of these flavors, from their inception to their current fan-favorite status, is a testament to Dutch Bros’ commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

As energy drinks continue to gain popularity worldwide, the Rebel lineup stands tall, offering a blend of taste, energy, and the warmth of the Dutch Bros community.

So, whether you’re a Rebel aficionado or someone about to take their first sip, there’s always something new to discover, taste, and enjoy at Dutch Bros.