Best Celsius Flavor: An In-depth Ranking and Analysis

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Celsius has made quite a name for itself in the energy drink market, offering a plethora of flavors that cater to every palate.

From your basic Orange and Grape to the more elusive ‘vibes’ range, choosing the best Celsius flavor can seem overwhelming.

best celsius flavor
best celsius flavor

In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of these flavors, rank them based on taste and popularity, and give you all the information you need to pick your next energy boost.

Positive Aspects of Celsius Flavors

When it comes to Celsius, it’s not just about the kick of energy, but also the delightful burst of flavors. Here’s what sets Celsius apart:

  • Taste Variety: With an array of flavors on offer, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of classic fruit flavors or want to venture into the mysterious ‘vibes’ range, Celsius ensures you’re spoilt for choice.
  • Pre-Workout Boost: Originally designed as a pre-workout drink, Celsius provides not just an energy boost but also a refreshing taste to get you geared up for your gym session.
  • Health Conscious: In a market flooded with sugary energy drinks, Celsius stands out with its zero sugar and low-calorie offerings. The best part? The absence of sugar doesn’t compromise the taste. The drinks have a pleasant effervescence without the overpowering flavor of artificial sweeteners.

Ranking of the Flavors

For those in a hurry, here’s a quick ranking of some of the popular Celsius flavors based on our taste tests:

Celsius Sparkling Grape RushWhen you embark on the journey to discover the pinnacle of Celsius flavors, it’s bound to have a flavor at the opposite end. Kudos, Sparkling Grape Rush! Oddly enough, it gave me a root beer vibe. Our intern, Kota Lee, mentioned it left a drying sensation in their mouth, not the sensation you’d hope for pre-workout.3/10Celsius Sparkling Grape Rush
Celsius Sparkling ColaThis flavor might leave true cola enthusiasts puzzled. It resonates with a diluted, generic diet cola taste. The experience is akin to someone having coffee and then exhaling it near you, but in a diet cola way.3.5/10Celsius Sparkling Cola
Celsius Sparkling Wild BerryThis variant brings to mind the peculiar taste of chewable vitamins. It might appeal to some, but it’s not the top pick if you’re seeking a genuine berry burst.4/10Celsius Sparkling Wild Berry
Celsius Sparkling Kiwi GuavaWith such tantalizing fruits in its name, expectations were high. Sadly, it didn’t quite hit the mark. While not terrible, it feels muted and generic. Oddly, the artificial sweetener taste seems more noticeable here.4.5/10Celsius Sparkling Kiwi Guava
Celsius Sparkling Strawberry GuavaA guava misadventure, where the strawberry overshadows its partner. Kota felt it resembled powdered Smarties candy, and not necessarily in a complimentary way.4.5/10Celsius Sparkling Strawberry Guava
Celsius Sparkling Mango PassionfruitDepending on your palate, this might be hit or miss. The overarching “tropical” taste feels a bit too overpowering and lacks authenticity.4.5/10Celsius Sparkling Mango Passionfruit
Celsius Sparkling WatermelonPerfect for those who have fancied sipping on watermelon candy. It’s intensely sweet, reminiscent of a liquid Jolly Rancher. Though enjoyable, it might not be the first choice before an intense workout session.5.5/10Celsius Sparkling Watermelon
Celsius Tropical VibeWelcome to the “vibe” segment. This particular flavor evokes the peculiar scent of 1980s hair salons. Strangely, it’s not unpleasant. Sometimes, nostalgia works in mysterious ways.6.5/10Celsius Tropical Vibe
Celsius Arctic VibeThis is one of my favorites, described as “sparkling frozen berry.” It primarily tastes of synthetic blueberry but has an enjoyable tanginess.6.5/10Celsius Arctic Vibe
Celsius Fantasy VibeDespite its suggestive name, this flavor is reminiscent of an orange creamsicle, with hints of “mandarin marshmallow”. Definitely a better experience than its name might suggest!6.5/10Celsius Fantasy Vibe
Celsius Peach VibeKota, our intern and self-proclaimed Celsius connoisseur, adored this flavor. It truly captures the essence of “white peach,” making it a refreshing delight.7/10Celsius Peach Vibe
Celsius Oasis VibeCharacterized by its prickly pear-lime flavor, it tastes akin to a carbonated Margarita with an added zing. It’s definitely vibing.7.5/10Celsius Oasis Vibe
Celsius Fuji Apple PearThe go-to flavor for sparkling cider enthusiasts. It offers a tartness reminiscent of a fresh Fuji apple. The pear undertones are subtle, but it’s a crisp and delightful experience.8/10Celsius Fuji Apple Pear
Celsius Green Apple CherryA delightful combination where both apple and cherry shine. The tangy sweetness feels like a fusion of green apple and cherry candies. Why aren’t more drinks capturing this combo?8/10Celsius Green Apple Cherry
Celsius Sparkling Strawberry LemonadeA well-balanced concoction that captures the essence of both strawberry and lemon perfectly. If strawberries are your thing, this should be your pick over other strawberry variants.8.5/10Celsius Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade
Celsius Sparkling Lemon LimeFor those who prefer a subtle flavor profile pre-workout, this is the ideal choice. It offers a mild, almost lemon-tea essence, making it extremely refreshing.9/10Celsius Sparkling Lemon Lime
Celsius Raspberry Acai Green TeaUnique in its non-carbonated nature, this flavor offers a tart raspberry blend with a hint of earthy green tea. It’s a refined flavor, perfect before a tranquil yoga session.9.5/10Celsius Raspberry Acai Green Tea
Celsius Sparkling OrangeIt might seem basic, but sometimes classics are irreplaceable. It offers a rich, sweet flavor reminiscent of canned mandarin oranges. It’s bubbly, delicious, and packed with caffeine, making it a universal favorite. Sometimes, simplicity wins!10/10Celsius Sparkling Orange

History and Background of Celsius

The story of Celsius isn’t just about a drink; it’s about a revolution in the energy drink market. Founded in 2004, Celsius set out with a mission: to provide a healthier alternative to the sugar-laden drinks that dominated the shelves.

  • Early Days: In its nascent stage, Celsius focused on harnessing natural ingredients like green tea for metabolism, ginger for its thermogenic properties, and guarana for natural caffeine.
  • The Rise: What set Celsius apart was its commitment to health without compromising on taste. As the years progressed, so did their flavor palette, from a handful of basic tastes to the diverse range we see today.
  • Innovation and Vibes: The introduction of the ‘vibes’ range was a game-changer. Instead of sticking to conventional flavors, Celsius ventured into creating moods with their drinks, making each sip an experience.

Nutritional Information

Understanding what goes into your drink is crucial. With Celsius, you’re not just getting an energy boost, but also a plethora of nutritional benefits.

Consumer Reviews and Feedback

Any product’s true test lies in the hands of its consumers. For Celsius, the feedback has largely been positive, but let’s delve into some detailed reviews to get a clearer picture:

  • Sarah, Fitness Enthusiast: “I’ve tried countless energy drinks, but Celsius stands out. The Tropical Vibe flavor is my go-to. It’s refreshing, not too sweet, and gives me the right boost before my workouts.”
  • Mike, Office Worker: “I was skeptical at first, especially with flavors named after ‘vibes’. But Celsius surprised me. It’s a great midday pick-me-up without the sugar crash later.”
  • Priya, Health Blogger: “Nutritionally, Celsius offers a better alternative to many energy drinks out there. I appreciate the transparency in ingredients and the variety in flavors.”

Buying Guide

Picking the right Celsius flavor can be a daunting task given the wide range. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the best choice:

  1. Determine Your Need: Are you looking for a pre-workout boost? Or just a refreshing drink? Your purpose will guide your flavor choice.
  2. Check Nutrition: If you have dietary restrictions or are health-conscious, always check the nutritional information.
  3. Sample Packs: For first-timers, consider buying a sample pack. This way, you can taste multiple flavors and find your favorite.
  4. Buying Options: Celsius is available in most grocery stores, but online platforms often offer discounts and bundle packs.

Keep an eye out for seasonal flavors or limited editions. They can be a delightful change from the regular offerings!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Celsius and its flavors:

How much caffeine is in a can of Celsius?

A standard can of Celsius contains about 200mg of caffeine, sourced naturally from ingredients like green tea extract and guarana.

Are there any artificial sweeteners in Celsius?

No, Celsius prides itself on being free from artificial preservatives and sweeteners. The sweetness in the drink comes from natural sources.

Is Celsius vegan-friendly?

Yes, Celsius drinks are vegan-friendly, making them a great choice for those following a plant-based diet.

How often can I consume Celsius?

While Celsius is a healthier alternative to many energy drinks, it’s always recommended to consume in moderation. Always check with a healthcare professional if unsure.


Navigating the vast world of energy drinks can be daunting, but with Celsius, you’re not just getting a boost of energy; you’re also indulging in a flavorful experience.

From its humble beginnings to its diverse range of flavors, Celsius has consistently prioritized health without compromising on taste.

Whether you’re hitting the gym, looking for a midday pick-me-up, or just want to relax with a refreshing drink, there’s a Celsius flavor waiting for you. So, why wait? Dive in and discover your best Celsius flavor today!