Best Gummy Bears: 5 Brands Everyone Needs to Try

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Think you know everything about gummy bears? Think again! These chewy delights have more layers than meets the eye, and we’re not just talking about their tantalizing flavors.

From the classic Haribo to the gourmet Albanese, gummy bears come in an array of textures and tastes that cater to every type of candy lover.

Best Gummy Bears
Best Gummy Bears

But what makes a gummy bear “the best”? Is it the satisfying snap of its bite, the burst of fruity flavor, or perhaps the nostalgia it invokes with every chew?

Our search for the ultimate gummy bear experience took us on a sugary expedition through the candy aisles and across the vast landscape of online sweet shops.

We sampled an impressive array of brands, each with its unique spin on this classic treat, to bring you a definitive ranking that’s about more than just taste — it’s about the bear essence in every bite.

So whether you’re a connoisseur of the classic bears or on the hunt for something that breaks the mold, our guide is the compass you need.

Prepare to venture into the sweet, the sour, and the irresistibly chewy — this is your map to the best gummy bears on the market, hands down.

The Quest for the Perfect Chew

When it comes to candy, especially gummy bears, personal preference plays a massive role in determining the “best” one.

But we aimed to go beyond mere opinions. Our methodology for finding the top gummy bear brands was as meticulous as it was mouthwatering.

Our Criteria for Selection:

To ensure a fair and flavorful comparison, we set specific criteria:

  • Flavor Intensity: The gummy bears must deliver a taste that is true to its promised flavor.
  • Texture: We looked for that ideal chew — not too tough, not too soft.
  • Appearance: Because we eat with our eyes first, a good gummy bear should look as delightful as it tastes.
  • Price Point: Value for money is crucial; the best gummy bear should justify its cost, whether it’s a budget or premium product.

The Taste Testing Process:

Our panel of candy aficionados didn’t take their task lightly. Here’s how we approached the sampling:

  1. Blind Testing: To prevent brand bias, the tasting was done blindly.
  2. Palette Cleansers: Between samples, tasters cleansed their palates to ensure each gummy bear was judged on a fresh basis.
  3. Note-Taking: Impressions on flavor, chewiness, and overall experience were diligently recorded.

Rating System Explanation:

Each gummy bear brand was scored out of 10 on three aspects — flavor, texture, and aesthetic appeal. The final rating is an average that reflects the overall gummy bear experience, represented by our bespoke metric — the “Gummy Grin Score.”

Reviews of Top Gummy Bear Brands

The gummy bear landscape is dotted with contenders vying for the title of the ultimate chew. After extensive tasting and debate, we’ve zeroed in on the brands that stand above the rest.

1. Great Value Gummy Bears – Score: 7.5/10

Great Value Gummy Bears
Great Value Gummy Bears

The Great Value Gummy Bears offer a delightful treat for those with a sweet tooth, securing their place as the 5th Best Gummy Bear.

These gummies come in a generous 52-ounce package, promising a long-lasting supply of chewy enjoyment.

The bears have a classic, soft texture, paired with a burst of fruity flavor that is both naturally and artificially enhanced. Each serving is a manageable 100 calories, making them a guilt-free snack in moderation.

Despite their affordability, some customers have noticed a price increase, which has caused a stir among the devoted purchasers.

However, the consistency in flavor and quality remains a strong selling point. The product is gluten-free, although it may contain traces of wheat, and includes beef gelatin, which may not be suitable for all diets.

With its vast quantity and delicious taste, Great Value Gummy Bears are perfect for parties, baking decorations, or a simple snack during a movie night.


  • Large 52 oz bag provides great value for money
  • 100 calories per serving for a guilt-free indulgence
  • Gluten-free (but may contain traces of wheat)
  • Versatile use for snacking or decoration


  • Recent price increases have raised concerns
  • Contains beef gelatin, not suitable for vegetarians
  • May not match up to the top-tier brands in flavor intensity


  • Soft, chewy texture
  • Naturally and artificially flavored
  • Convenient resealable bag for freshness


  • Fruity flavor profile that appeals to both kids and adults
  • Less intense flavor compared to premium brands

Best for:

  • Consumers looking for a budget-friendly candy option
  • Large gatherings or parties
  • Creative dessert toppings

Great Value Gummy Bears strike a fine balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. While they may not boast the same flavor complexity as higher-end brands, they certainly deliver on affordability and quantity.

The price fluctuation is a point of contention, yet it’s mitigated by the sheer volume and consistent taste experience.

Overall, they are a solid choice for budget-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on the classic gummy bear experience.

2. Signature Select Gummi Bears Candy – Score: 8.0/10

Signature Select Gummi Bears Candy
Signature Select Gummi Bears Candy

The Signature Select Gummi Bears are a delightful treat that might just rank as the 4th best gummy bear option on the market.

Weighing in at 8 ounces with a very reasonable price of $1.69, these gummi bears offer a fusion of value and quality that’s hard to overlook.

With a stellar 4.6-star rating based on 503 reviews, consumers are generally pleased with their purchase.

These gummy candies are versatile in their use; whether stirred into cookie dough, used as a topping for frozen desserts, or simply enjoyed on their own, they seem to deliver satisfaction consistently.

The vibrant flavors encapsulated in these bears are perfect for those seeking a burst of sweetness in their day.

The brand is transparent about the presence of allergens and encourages consumers to read labels carefully—advice that’s appreciated in today’s health-conscious market.

While the packaging and third-party information are reliable, it’s clear that the brand prioritizes consumer safety and informed choices.

However, it’s important to note that due to allergen exposure concerns, these gummi bears may not be suitable for individuals with severe food allergies. This is a slight setback for those hoping to indulge without worry.

Signature Select’s Gummi Bears are a solid choice for those in search of a quality candy that delivers on taste and versatility, provided that allergen exposure is not a top concern.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
  • Affordably priced at $0.21 per ounce
  • High customer satisfaction (4.6-star rating)
  • Versatile in usage, suitable for baking and toppings
  • Clear labeling and transparency about allergens
  • Cons:
  • Potential allergen exposure (peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish)
  • May not be the top choice for those with severe food allergies


  • 8 Oz package
  • Highly versatile for cooking and snacking
  • Affordable


  • Sweet and flavorful
  • Assorted flavors to cater to different palates

Best for:

  • Baking enthusiasts
  • Sweet tooth snackers
  • Dessert toppings

The Signature Select Gummi Bears present as the 4th best gummy bear option for those who value taste and versatility.

They are competitively priced and well-received by consumers, making them a smart choice for a sweet treat. However, the potential for allergen exposure does present a consideration that may narrow their appeal for a segment of the market.

Regardless, for those without allergy concerns, these gummi bears are a tempting option that promises satisfaction.

3. Haribo Goldbears Sour – Score: 8.0/10

Haribo Goldbears Sour
Haribo Goldbears Sour

As the 3rd Best Gummy Bear, Haribo Gold-Bears Sour Original Gummi Candies stand out with a delightful twist on the classic gummy bear experience.

This 25.6-ounce party-size bag contains a medley of mildly sour, tangy flavors that cater to both adults and children alike.

Haribo, America’s top-selling gummy bear brand, offers these sour gummies in five delicious flavors. The candies strike a balance between sweet and sour, which many find pleasantly addictive.

Crafted with quality ingredients like glucose syrup and gelatin, they maintain the signature Haribo chewiness.

However, the sourness level may not meet expectations for those seeking an intense kick, and the texture could vary, as some reports suggest they may not always be the softest.

The Gold-Bears Sourcandies are versatile, perfect for movie nights or as a fun treat to share at gatherings. While they boast vibrant colors from Yellow 5, Red 40, and Blue 1, those cautious of artificial dyes should take note.

Nonetheless, Haribo’s commitment to happiness and fun through their treats is evident in this sour rendition of their beloved gummies.


  • Delightful sour twist on the classic gummy bear.
  • Five tasty flavors.
  • Reputable brand with high customer satisfaction.
  • Party-size bag is perfect for sharing.


  • Sourness may be milder than expected.
  • Possible inconsistency in texture.
  • Contains artificial colors.


  • A sour coating on original flavors.
  • 25.6 oz. resealable party-size bag.


  • Mildly sour with a tangy note.

Best for:

  • Sharing at parties, family movie nights, or as a sweet treat for gummy bear enthusiasts.

While Haribo Gold-Bears Sour may be the 3rd Best Gummy Bear in the vast candy landscape, they offer a uniquely tangy twist on a classic treat that is worth trying.

Whether you’re revisiting childhood memories or introducing them to the next generation, these gummies pack the right amount of pizzazz to bring smiles all around.

4. Albanese Gummy Bears – Score: 10/10

Albanese Gummy Bears
Albanese Gummy Bears

The Albanese World’s Best Gummy Bears stand out in the crowded candy market, earning their moniker as the “2th Best Gummy Bear” with a combination of quality, taste, and texture.

Each bear is a bite of heaven with its soft chew and burst of fresh fruit flavor – a step above many competitors.

Notably, the assortment of twelve distinct flavors, from Cherry to Lemon, ensures a rainbow of options for every palate.

These gummies strike an impressive balance between flavor intensity and subtlety, avoiding the common pitfall of being overly sweet.

While they’re gluten-free and allergen-friendly, the inclusion of artificial colors and flavors might be a downside for the more health-conscious consumer.

They come in a generous 5-pound bulk packaging, which is perfect for sharing, though the absence of a resealable bag is a minor inconvenience. The affordability of these gummybears makes them accessible for all, but their addictive quality might require some self-control!


  • Fresh, individual fruit flavors
  • Soft, chewy texture
  • Free from major allergens
  • Value for money with 5 lbs bulk purchase
  • Made in the USA


  • Contains artificial colors and flavors
  • Non-resealable packaging
  • Currently unavailable on Amazon


  • 12 flavorful varieties
  • Gluten-free
  • Fat-free and low sodium


  • Distinct, true-to-life flavors
  • Not overly sweet, balanced taste
  • Soft and chewy consistency

Best for:

  • Candy lovers seeking variety
  • Parties and large gatherings
  • Those preferring a softer gummy bear

While the “2th Best Gummy Bear” title is self-assigned, the Albanese Gummy Bears do deliver on quality and taste.

They’re ideal for consumers looking for diverse flavors and a premium chewy experience. However, the presence of artificial ingredients might be a deterrent for some, and the current unavailability requires potential buyers to seek out other vendors or wait for restock on Amazon.

Overall, these gummy bears are a solid choice for anyone looking to indulge in a classic treat with a gourmet twist.

5. Haribo Goldbears – Score: 10/10

Haribo Goldbears
Haribo Goldbears

When seeking the “1th Best Gummy Bear,” HARIBO Gold-Bears Gummi Candy is a strong contender. These iconic gummies offer a delightful chew with a burst of fruity flavor that’s been loved for generations.

The package states a decent serving size, allowing for a controlled snacking experience. At a competitive price of $2.49 for an 8oz bag, combined with a 15% savings through Target Circle, these gummies present a budget-friendly treat.

From a health perspective, the 0% fat content is a plus, making them a lighter option compared to chocolate-based snacks.

However, consumers should be mindful of the high added sugar content, which may not align with a low-sugar diet.


  • Low in fat with zero grams per serving.
  • A variety of delivery options are available, including Same Day Delivery.
  • 15% savings opportunity with Target Circle.
  • Familiar and enjoyable flavors with both natural and artificial enhancements.


  • High in added sugars, constituting 28% of the Daily Value.
  • Contains allergens like wheat, and may have traces of milk, which is a concern for those with allergies.


  • Comes in a convenient 8oz package.
  • Features a mix of colors and flavors coated with a beeswax and carnauba wax for shine.


  • The taste profile is a classic gummy bear experience with a balance of sweetness and fruitiness.

Best for:

  • Snack lovers looking for a traditional gummy bear experience.
  • Those who prefer candy with no fat content.

For those with dietary restrictions, it’s important to note the presence of potential allergens like wheat and traces of milk. The use of artificial colors such as Yellow 5, Red 40, and Blue 1 is common in candy, yet some may prefer natural colorants.

Overall, the HARIBO Gold-Bears stand out for their taste and tradition but do require a careful look from a dietary standpoint. They are best enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Creative Ways to Enjoy Gummy Bears

Gummy bears aren’t just a treat to be enjoyed straight out of the bag. Their versatility in both flavor and form makes them a fantastic ingredient for a variety of creative endeavors.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your culinary creations or add a touch of whimsy to your crafts, these little bears can do it all.

Gummy Bear Recipes

In the Kitchen:

  1. Gummy Bear Popsicles:
  • Ingredients: Your choice of juice, gummy bears
  • Method: Fill popsicle molds with juice and add a handful of gummy bears. Freeze and enjoy a fun twist on a summer classic.
  1. Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies:
  • Ingredients: Your favorite thumbprint cookie dough, gummy bears
  • Method: Place a gummy bear in the center of each cookie before baking for a stained-glass effect.
  1. Gummy Bear Sangria:
  • Ingredients: White wine, sparkling water, assorted fruits, gummy bears
  • Method: Mix all ingredients and let chill. The gummy bears will absorb some of the alcohol and add a fruity burst to your drink.

For the Sweet Tooth:

  1. Gummy Bear Layered Cake:
  • Ingredients: Cake batter, frosting, gummy bears
  • Method: Bake your cake layers, and when assembling, sprinkle gummy bears between each layer for a hidden surprise.
  1. Gummy Bear Chocolate Bark:
  • Ingredients: Melted chocolate, gummy bears
  • Method: Pour melted chocolate onto a baking sheet, sprinkle with gummy bears, let set, and break into pieces.

Fun Gummy Bear Crafts and Activities

Get Crafty:

  1. Gummy Bear Jewelry:
  • Materials: Gummy bears, jewelry resin, necklace chains or earring hooks
  • Method: Cast gummy bears in resin to create playful pendants or earrings.
  1. Gummy Bear Art:
  • Materials: Canvas, gummy bears, strong glue
  • Method: Use gummy bears to create colorful mosaics or patterns on canvas.

Educational Activities:

  1. Gummy Bear Science Experiments:
  • Experiment: Soak gummy bears in different solutions (water, salt water, vinegar) to observe osmosis.
  • Learning Outcome: Understand the principles of osmosis and how gummy bears can change in size and texture.
  1. Gummy Bear Math:
  • Activity: Use gummy bears as a delicious teaching tool for counting, sorting by color, and simple arithmetic for young learners.

By incorporating gummy bears into your kitchen escapades and craft projects, you can bring a sense of fun and innovation to everyday activities.

Whether it’s through a delectable dessert or a creative craft, gummy bears have the potential to spread joy in their uniquely sweet way.

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As we’ve journeyed through the colorful world of gummy bears, we’ve uncovered that these tiny, chewy treats are more than just a candy — they’re a versatile delight that can be savored in countless ways.

From the firm and fruity varieties that hark back to their German origins to the innovative and inclusive options available today, there’s a gummy bear out there to satisfy every type of sweet tooth.

We’ve explored the rich history that paved the way for these candies to become a staple in snack drawers worldwide, and we’ve delved into what makes a gummy bear truly great — the perfect balance of texture, flavor, and quality.

Our taste test has provided a roadmap to the best gummy bears on the market, and we’ve even considered the health and dietary angles to ensure everyone can enjoy them.

Beyond just eating them, we’ve seen how gummy bears can be a source of culinary creativity and crafty fun. They can be a tool for learning or simply a means to bring a little more joy into our lives.

As you reflect on this guide to the best gummy bears of 2023, we hope you feel inspired to try some of our top picks, experiment with gummy bear recipes and crafts, and even discover new ways to appreciate this classic treat.

Whether you’re a fan of the time-honored Haribo or the bold flavors of Albanese, there’s no denying the enduring appeal of gummy bears.

So go ahead, grab a bag (or two) of the best gummy bears, and enjoy the simple pleasure that these delightful candies bring.

And remember, the world of gummy bears is as vast as it is sweet — there’s always a new flavor to try, a new brand to discover, and a new way to enjoy.