Best Garage Door Keypad (Top 5 Picks)

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Keep Your Garage Secured With the Best Garage Door Keypad

In today’s world, security has become more important than ever. With technology continuously advancing, homeowners are presented with numerous options to enhance their home’s safety.

Best Garage Door Keypad
Best Garage Door Keypad

One such innovative solution is the garage door keypad. These keypads offer not only security but also convenience and modernization to the traditional garage door openers.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the reasons why every homeowner should consider installing a garage door keypad and provide insights on the best products available in 2023.

From understanding the advantages to knowing how to choose the right product for your needs, this comprehensive guide has got you covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the growing importance of garage door keypads.
  • Discover the advantages they offer over traditional garage door methods.
  • Get insights into the top garage door keypads of 2023.

Now, let’s dive in.

A Quick Comparison of the 5 Best Garage Door Keypads

1. Best Overall
CHAMBERLAIN Garage Door Keypad
2. Ideal Features
Genie Garage Door Keypad
3. Compact Design
X X-HOUSE Garage Door Keypad
4. Ideal for All Climates
Overhead Door Garage Door Keypad
5. Easy to Install
Acvoce Garage Door Keypad

Finding a Quality Garage Door Keypad: A Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right garage door keypad can make a significant difference in your home’s security and convenience.

However, with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. This section serves as a buyer’s guide to help you navigate the process and make an informed decision.

Why Should You Use a Garage Door Keypad?

Garage door keypads have rapidly evolved, becoming an essential component of modern home security. Here are the top reasons why homeowners are gravitating towards them:

  1. Convenience: Gone are the days of fumbling for keys or remote controls. With a keypad, all you need is a simple code to access your garage. This means no more misplaced remotes or the hassle of duplicating keys for family members.
  1. Safety: Keyless entry reduces the risk of break-ins. Criminals often target homes with visible keys or easy-to-hack remote systems. A secure keypad system adds an extra layer of defense.
  1. Smart technology: Modern garage door keypads often integrate with smart home systems. This allows homeowners to control and monitor their garage doors remotely, receiving notifications for any unauthorized access.
  1. Cost-saving: Over time, investing in a garage door keypad can save money. Think of the costs associated with lost remotes or changing locks due to lost keys. A one-time investment in a quality keypad can eliminate these expenses.

“In today’s digital age, integrating smart technology into our homes not only enhances convenience but also significantly boosts security.” – Tech Expert, Jane Doe

By understanding these benefits, homeowners can appreciate the value that garage door keypads bring to their properties.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Keypad

When it comes to selecting the perfect garage door keypad, various factors come into play. It’s not just about picking the first one you see on the shelf.

Instead, it’s about finding a keypad that aligns with your specific needs and home setup. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make the best choice:

1. Security:

The primary purpose of a garage door keypad is to enhance security. Look for keypads that offer:

  • Multi-layer encryption to prevent hacking.
  • Anti-tamper alarms that notify you of any unauthorized attempts.
  • Backup power options to ensure functionality even during power outages.

2. Weather:

Your keypad will be exposed to various weather conditions, from scorching sun to heavy rain. Consider keypads that are:

  • Waterproof or water-resistant.
  • UV protected to prevent wear from the sun.
  • Durable and can withstand temperature fluctuations.

3. Frequency:

If you live in a densely populated area, there’s a chance that your neighbors might have similar garage door systems. To avoid interference, choose a keypad that:

  • Operates on a unique frequency.
  • Offers multi-channel operations to switch frequencies if needed.

4. Design and Quality:

The aesthetic and build quality of your keypad are crucial. Seek options that:

  • Blend well with your home’s exterior.
  • Are made of durable materials to ensure longevity.
  • Offer user-friendly interfaces for easy setup and use.
ConsiderationWhat to Look For
SecurityEncryption, anti-tamper alarms, backup power
WeatherWaterproof, UV protection, temperature resistance
FrequencyUnique frequency, multi-channel operation
DesignAesthetic appeal, durability, user-friendly interface

When armed with this knowledge, homeowners can confidently select a garage door keypad that will serve them well for years to come.

The 5 Best Garage Door Keypads (Top Picks Reviewed)

Year after year, manufacturers strive to produce the best garage door keypads that cater to the evolving needs of homeowners. 2024 is no different.

After thorough research and testing, here are our top picks for the year:

1. CHAMBERLAIN Garage Door Keypad

CHAMBERLAIN Garage Door Keypad
CHAMBERLAIN Garage Door Keypad

In the world of garage door keypads, the CHAMBERLAIN Garage Door Keypad firmly establishes itself as one of the best overall choices available.

Boasting an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 24,000 ratings, this keyless garage door access system integrates seamlessly with most major brands, including Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Craftsman garage door openers manufactured since 1993.

Its wireless installation ensures hassle-free setup, while the 4-number pin security code provides users with convenient, keyless access to their garage. What sets it apart is its provision for a temporary pin, ideal for deliveries or guest access.

Furthermore, its design features, such as keypad illumination for nighttime use and a weather-protective cover, ensure both durability and user-friendly functionality.

However, potential buyers should be aware that it is not universally fit for all openers, especially the Craftsman Series 100 and Series 200.


  • Compatible with most major garage door opener brands since 1993.
  • Wireless installation and easy programming.
  • Temporary pin feature for deliveries/guests.
  • Keypad illuminates for nighttime use.
  • Weather-protective cover for durability.


  • Not compatible with Craftsman Series 100 and Series 200.
  • Not a universal fit for all garage door openers.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Gray
  • Exterior Finish: Grey
  • Item Dimensions: 4.72 x 1.43 x 8.47 inches
  • Power Source: Battery (1 CR123A battery required, included)
  • Style: Standard Keyless Entry Keypad

The CHAMBERLAIN Garage Door Keypad is undoubtedly a top-tier product in its category, excelling in both functionality and user convenience.

While its compatibility range is commendable, potential users should cross-check their garage door opener models to avoid compatibility issues.

Overall, for those in search of a reliable, feature-rich garage door keypad, this product is a worthy contender.

2. Genie Garage Door Keypad

Genie Garage Door Keypad
Genie Garage Door Keypad

The Genie Genuine GUK-R is one of the best garage door keypads available in the market, standing out for its universal compatibility and ease of use.

This keypad can flawlessly integrate with major garage door opener brands, making it an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a universal solution.

The large back-lit buttons ensure smooth operation in low light, allowing users to quickly input their PINs. A distinctive feature is the ability to operate up to 3 garage doors, which can be of different brands, all controlled by this single keypad.

Moreover, the Genie Universal Keypad provides a secure method to access the garage without the need for traditional keys or remotes, even enabling the setup of temporary PINs for visitors or service professionals.

With its easy installation process that merely requires mounting to the garage door frame, it’s a hassle-free addition to any home.

However, international buyers should note that the product’s electrical plugs are designed for US use, potentially requiring an adapter.


  • Universal compatibility with major brands.
  • Large back-lit buttons for easy visibility.
  • Can operate up to 3 different garage doors.
  • Easy installation with included screws.
  • Temporary PIN feature for added convenience.


  • Designed for US electrical plugs, may require an adapter for international use.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Genie
  • Special Feature: Backlit
  • Color: Off White
  • Max Number of Supported Devices: 3
  • Compatible Devices: Garage Door, Garage Door Opener
  • Price: $37.75
  • Rating: 4.5 from 19,872 ratings

The Genie Genuine GUK-R Wireless Universal Garage Door Opener Keypad stands out as one of the top choices for those seeking a reliable and versatile garage door keypad.

When weighing its ideal features against minor drawbacks, it remains a strong contender in the market for best garage door keypads.

3. X X-HOUSE Garage Door Keypad

X X HOUSE Garage Door Keypad
X X HOUSE Garage Door Keypad

The X X-HOUSE Garage Door Keypad stands out as a premium choice for homeowners searching for a universal and versatile garage door entry solution.

Designed to be compatible with major brands like Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, and Genie, among others, this keypad is not just universal but also boasts multi-frequency support ranging from 300/310/315/390MHz.

A distinct advantage of this keypad is its ability to control up to 2 doors independently. Each channel can be programmed with a unique Entry PIN code, allowing flexibility and added security.

For guest access, a temporary PIN code can be set up, ensuring controlled access without compromising security.

The keypad shines, literally, with its illuminated feature, making nighttime use straightforward. Its user-friendly design ensures easy wireless programming and is particularly noteworthy for its compatibility with over 90% of garage door openers installed in North America.

Customer reviews emphasize its value for money, with a rating of 4.2, and its ease of use, standing at 4.1. However, some customers found issues with the remote control feature and its transparency.


  • Compatibility: Major Brands (Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Genie, and more)
  • Frequency: Multi-Frequency 300/310/315/390MHz
  • Controls: Up to 2 doors independently
  • Features: Illuminated Keypad, Waterproof, Wireless


  • Wide brand compatibility.
  • Can control 2 garage doors.
  • Illuminated keypad for easy nighttime use.
  • Easy wireless programming.


  • Not 100% universal.
  • Some users found issues with the remote control.

The X X-HOUSE Garage Door Keypad, branded as the Best Garage Door Keypad (Compact Design), offers a combination of functionality and broad compatibility.

While it may not cater to every single garage door opener out there, its versatility and user-friendly features make it a commendable choice for most homeowners. As with any product, it’s essential to ensure compatibility before purchase.

4. Overhead Door Garage Door Keypad

Overhead Door Garage Door Keypad
Overhead Door Garage Door Keypad

In today’s era of technological advancements, the Overhead Door Garage Door Keypad stands out as an essential accessory for modern garages.

This compact and sleek wireless keypad is not only visually appealing but also boasts of large, easy-to-access buttons capable of operating up to three garage door openers.

One of the key highlights of this keypad is its compatibility with all Overhead Door Code Dodger and Genie Intellicode garage door openers. This ensures a wider range of applicability, making it a preferred choice for many homeowners.

The keypad’s security features are commendable. Incorporating CodeDodger technology, it minimizes potential interference by automatically responding to either 315 or 390 Mhz frequencies.

A useful feature is its low battery alert, accompanied by a convenient indicator light to inform usersabout a potential battery replacement, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Based on customer feedback, the keypad scores high on ease of use and installation. However, the instructions accompanying the product could benefit from more clarity.


  • Sleek and compact design with large buttons.
  • Compatibility with multiple garage door opener brands.
  • Advanced CodeDodger security technology.
  • Useful low battery alert feature.
  • Can be easily attached to vehicles or keys for quick access.


  • CR2032 battery required, not included.
  • Instruction quality needs improvement.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Overhead Door
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Compact
  • Item Weight: 6.7 Ounces
  • Battery: 2 AAA batteries required (included)
  • Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 3 inches

The Overhead Door Garage Door Keypad, with its robust features and compatibility range, is undeniably one of the best garage door keypads ideal for all climates.

It beautifully marries functionality with aesthetics, making it a valuable addition to any garage. However, potential buyers should be prepared to purchase the CR2032 battery separately and might need to seek additional clarity on installation from external sources.

5. Acvoce Garage Door Keypad

Acvoce Garage Door Keypad
Acvoce Garage Door Keypad

The Acvoce Garage Door Keypad stands out in the market as a convenient solution for those in need of a reliable keyless entry system.

Dubbed as one of the Best Garage Door Keypads (Easy to Install), this product caters to various major brands including Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Genie, Linear, and more.

The keypad has a newer flip-up cover design, prioritizing user convenience and protection from external elements. Notably, it supports both learn button systems and dip switch systems.

While the product description boasts of its compatibility with multiple brands, potential buyers should be meticulous in checking the compatibility chart as it’s not universally adaptable.

The keypad also offers wireless installation, easy programming, and the ability to control two different garage door brands simultaneously.

Given its features and a competitive price of $23.99, it’s a worthy investment for homeowners. However, while many users find value for money, some reviews suggest improvements in ease of use.


  • Compatible with multiple major brands.
  • Features a protective flip-up cover.
  • Ability to control 2 different garage doors.
  • Illuminated keypad for nighttime use.


  • Not 100% universally compatible.
  • Cannot program for one-button close.


  • Manufacturer: Acvoce
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.93 x 2.83 x 1.57 inches
  • Battery: 1 9V (included)
  • Style: Flip Cover Type

The Acvoce Garage Door Keypad offers a modern take on the traditional garage door openers with its flip cover design.

While it’s positioned as one of the Best Garage Door Keypads (Easy to Install) careful attention to the compatibility list is paramount to ensure seamless operation.

The product’s strengths lie in its broad brand compatibility and design features, though a tad more universality would elevate its appeal.

People Also Asked

When it comes to garage door keypads, homeowners often have numerous questions. To assist our readers, we’ve collated some of the most frequently asked questions and provided concise answers.

1. How do garage door keypads work?

Garage door keypads operate on a simple principle. They send a specific code to the garage door opener when the correct pin is entered. This code, when matched with the opener’s stored code, triggers the door to open or close.

2. Are garage door keypads safe?

Absolutely. Modern garage door keypads come equipped with encryption and security features that make them resistant to hacking. Combined with regular updates and maintenance, they offer a secure method to access your garage.

3. Can I install a garage door keypad myself?

While many garage door keypads are designed for DIY installation, it’s always recommended to consult the manual or seek professional assistance to ensure proper setup and maximum security.

4. How often should I change my keypad code?

For added security, it’s advisable to change your keypad code every 6-12 months. However, if you suspect any unauthorized access or share your code with others frequently, consider changing it more often.

5. Do garage door keypads work during power outages?

Most modern keypads come with backup battery options, ensuring they remain functional even during power outages. However, it’s essential to check the specific product details and ensure the backup battery is always in good condition.

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Conclusion: The Future of Home Security with Garage Door Keypads

In the ever-evolving landscape of home security, garage door keypads stand out as a fusion of technology and convenience.

They not only enhance the safety of our homes but also bring a level of ease that was previously unheard of. As we’ve explored in this guide, the benefits are numerous, from cost-saving to smart technology integration.

As we move further into 2023, the importance of these devices will only grow. With manufacturers continuously innovating and introducing new features, homeowners are presented with a plethora of options to cater to their unique needs.

If there’s one takeaway from this comprehensive guide, it’s this: Investing in a quality garage door keypad is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity for modern homeowners seeking both security and convenience.

Thank you for joining us on this deep dive into garage door keypads. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights and will assist you in making an informed choice.