Best Commercial Dishwasher (Top 3 Picks)

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In the fast-paced world of the restaurant business, efficiency and hygiene are paramount.

Serving delicious meals in pristine dishes is a hallmark of quality dining, and achieving this requires the right equipment.

Best Commercial Dishwasher
Best Commercial Dishwasher

Enter the commercial dishwasher – an unsung hero in restaurant kitchens. But with a plethora of options available, how does one make the right choice?

This guide delves deep into the world of commercial dishwashers, offering insights, tips, and expert advice to ensure you make an informed decision tailored to your establishment’s needs.

Top Selling Products

When diving into the realm of commercial dishwashers, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with the market’s top players. Here’s a list of some of the best-selling commercial dishwasher products in 2023:

1. Cobalt 2700HT

Cobalt 2700HT
Cobalt 2700HT

The Cobalt 2700HT stands out as one of the top contenders when seeking the best commercial dishwasher for businesses, particularly for establishments with a demanding warewashing load.

Made in North America, it boasts a high-temperature sanitizing feature, ensuring each glass and dish undergoes a thorough cleaning process.

The built-in booster heater, combined with the Temp-Shield logic, guarantees proper sanitization in each cycle.

This commercial dishwasher features an easy-to-operate design that comes equipped with auto-fill and drain functionalities. Moreover, the inclusion of built-in detergent and rinse-aid pumps is a notable advantage.

The LCD display provides real-time updates on temperatures and cycle statuses, a feature that many businesses will find invaluable.

Customers, like Stephen and Bill, have given glowing reviews. They praise its efficiency and reliability, especially in comparison to more expensive brands.

Stephen noted its superb design and likened its performance to that of Hobart but at a fraction of the price.


  • Dimensions: 25″D x 24″W x 33.5″H
  • Special Feature: 24 racks/hr
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 208-230V (AC)
  • Display: LCD Display
  • Tray Type: Standard 20×20 dish rack
  • Weight: 165 Pounds


  • High-temperature sanitizing for optimal cleanliness.
  • Built-in booster, detergent, and rinse-aid pumps.
  • Efficient performance at a competitive price.
  • User-friendly LCD display.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.


  • Product manual might be missing in some shipments.
  • Requires a 30-amp breaker and specialized electric line setup.

The Cobalt 2700HT can be termed as one of the best commercial dishwashers for establishments seeking an efficient and reliable machine.

The high-temperature sanitizing ensures thorough cleaning, making it ideal for businesses like coffee houses, bakeries, and restaurants.

While the requirement of a specialized electric line might be seen as a drawback, its performance and features make up for this minor inconvenience. The overwhelmingly positive customer feedback is a testament to its quality and efficiency.

2. Fagor COP-504W Evo Concept+ Undercounter Dishwasher

Fagor COP 504W Evo Concept Undercounter Dishwasher
Fagor COP 504W Evo Concept Undercounter Dishwasher

When it comes to ensuring an efficient and reliable dishwashing solution for commercial needs, the Fagor COP-504W Evo Concept+ stands out.

As a potential contender for the best commercial dishwasher, it offers a range of advanced features suitable for businesses demanding high production rates.

The dishwasher boasts IPX4 electronic controls and operates at high temperatures with a built-in 70-degree rise booster, providing three diverse wash cycles.

The EFFI rinse linear system promises efficient water use, a crucial factor for eco-conscious establishments. Made of durable type 304 stainless steel, it guarantees longevity even with heavy use.

A unique feature is its ECO autofill system, ensuring optimal water levels. Moreover, the inclusion of built-in drain pump, detergent and rinse aid dispenser, and the soft start mechanism enhance its operational efficiency.

However, potential users might be deterred by its unavailability and the mixed reviews it has received on Amazon.


  • High-temperature operation with a 70-degree rise booster.
  • Efficient EFFI rinse linear system.
  • Durable type 304 stainless steel construction.
  • ECO autofill system for optimal water levels.
  • In-built drain pump and detergent dispensers.


  • Currently unavailable.
  • Mixed customer reviews.


  • Product Dimensions: 23″D x 25″W x 33″H.
  • Capacity: 170 Pounds.
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Controls Type: Touch.
  • Installation Type: Undercounter.

The Fagor COP-504W Evo Concept+ offers advanced features for establishments requiring high-grade dishwashing solutions.

Its emphasis on efficient water use, combined with its sturdy construction, makes it a potential best commercial dishwasher.

Nevertheless, its unavailability and mixed customer feedback suggest that potential users should thoroughly research and compare with other models before deciding.

3. Omcan CD-GR-0500 High-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher

Omcan CD GR 0500 High Temp Undercounter Dishwasher
Omcan CD GR 0500 High Temp Undercounter Dishwasher

The Omcan CD-GR-0500 High-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher stands out as a promising contender for the best commercial dishwasher available in the market.

Built for professional settings, its stainless steel body speaks of durability, ensuring long-term usage. A key feature is its high-temperature cycles, with a minimum temperature setting of 165°F (74°C), ensuring effective cleaning and sanitizing of dishes.

This dishwasher offers three washing cycles, varying between 2 to 4 minutes, which can cater to different cleaning needs.

Its thermal protection for the wash and tank booster is a valuable addition, emphasizing safety in commercial environments.

Being NSF certified, it assures compliance with health standards. However, the product’s availability poses a concern, as it is currently listed as unavailable.


  • Durable 304 stainless steel body.
  • High-temperature cleaning for effective sanitization.
  • 3 versatile washing cycles.
  • NSF certified, ensuring health standards.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Currently unavailable.
  • No customer reviews for firsthand feedback.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 24″D x 27″W x 39″H.
  • Noise Level: 49 dB.
  • Weight: 132 pounds.
  • Material: Stainless Steel.

Considering the specifications and features, the Omcan CD-GR-0500 certainly has the makings of the best commercial dishwasher.

It meets the demanding needs of a commercial kitchen with its high-temperature cleaning and robust stainless steel build. However, the product’s unavailability and lack of customer reviews make a comprehensive judgment challenging.

It would be wise for potential buyers to monitor its availability and seek reviews or testimonies for a more informed decision.

Note: Always consider the specific needs of your restaurant and customer reviews before finalizing a product.

What is a Commercial Dishwasher?

A commercial dishwasher is distinct from its household counterpart in several ways. Designed for the high demands of restaurants, cafes, and other food establishments, these machines prioritize speed, efficiency, and capacity.

They are built to handle a larger volume of dishes, glasses, and cutlery, ensuring they are cleaned, sanitized, and ready for the next customer in record time.

There are several factors that differentiate a commercial dishwasher:

  • Capacity: Can handle a larger load, catering to the busy rush hours of restaurants.
  • Speed: Equipped with faster wash cycles to ensure a continuous supply of clean dishes.
  • Temperature Settings: Often have higher temperature settings to ensure thorough sanitization.
  • Durability: Built with robust materials to withstand the rigors of daily, heavy-duty use.

In essence, while a household dishwasher focuses on thorough cleaning over an extended period, a commercial one emphasizes quick and efficient cleaning suitable for the fast-paced environment of food establishments.

How a Dishwasher Works in Commercial Restaurants

Understanding the workings of a commercial dishwasher can help restaurant owners optimize its use and ensure longevity.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how these machines typically operate:

  1. Loading: Dirty dishes are placed on racks. These racks are designed to maximize space while ensuring each dish gets a thorough clean.
  1. Rinsing: Initially, the dishes undergo a pre-rinse cycle where loose food particles are washed away using a high-pressure water jet.
  1. Washing: The main wash cycle begins. Here, hot water mixed with detergent is sprayed onto the dishes. The combination of high temperature and cleaning agents ensures efficient removal of grease and stains.
  1. Rinsing Again: After the wash, another rinse cycle removes detergent residues. This often involves very hot water to ensure both cleaning and sanitization.
  1. Drying: High temperatures or heated air is used to quickly dry the dishes, making them ready for immediate use.
  1. Unloading: Once the cycle is complete, clean dishes are removed and are ready to be used again.

It’s crucial to note that commercial dishwashers operate at a higher temperature than residential ones. This not only ensures better cleaning but also meets health and safety standards by effectively killing germs and bacteria.

Types of Commercial Dishwashers

Selecting the right type of commercial dishwasher is pivotal for an efficient kitchen operation. Let’s explore the various options available:

  • Undercounter Dishwashers: These are similar in size to residential dishwashers and are perfect for small establishments or bars where space is a constraint.
  • Door Type or Rack Dishwashers: Ideal for mid-sized restaurants, they can handle a significant number of dishes at once. They operate with a door-style mechanism where racks are loaded and then cleaned.
  • Conveyor Dishwashers: Best suited for large restaurants or cafeterias, these can clean hundreds of racks in an hour. Dishes are placed on a conveyor belt, moving them through the washing process.
  • Flight Dishwashers: These are for very high-volume establishments. Dishes are loaded onto continuous flat trays, and the machine cleans them as they move through.
  • Glasswashers: Specifically designed for bars or establishments serving a high volume of drinks, these focus on glasses, ensuring they are spotless and streak-free.

When choosing a type, consider your restaurant’s size, expected dish volume, and available space. Each type has its advantages, so it’s essential to align your choice with your establishment’s specific needs.

Key Components of a Commercial Dishwasher

A commercial dishwasher is more than just its wash chamber. Knowing its various components can help in maintenance, troubleshooting, and ensuring optimal performance.

Here’s a breakdown of the primary parts:

  • Wash and Rinse Arms: These are responsible for spraying water and detergent onto the dishes. They rotate to ensure even coverage.
  • Filters: These trap larger food particles, preventing them from clogging the machine.
  • Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispensers: Automatically release cleaning agents and rinse aids at the appropriate times during the wash cycle.
  • Heating Element: Heats the water to the required temperature for both washing and sanitizing.
  • Thermostat: Monitors and controls the water temperature to ensure it’s at the optimal range.
  • Drain: Removes used water after each cycle, making way for fresh water.
  • Control Panel: Allows users to select different wash cycles, temperatures, and other settings.

Regularly inspecting these components and ensuring they’re in good condition can significantly extend the lifespan of your dishwasher.

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Leading Commercial Dishwashers Manufacturers in 2023

Choosing a reputable brand can make a world of difference in terms of reliability, efficiency, and after-sales service. Here are some of the top commercial dishwasher manufacturers in 2023:

  • AquaTech Industries: Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient models.
  • CleanWave Systems: With a legacy spanning decades, they offer a wide range of models for every type of establishment.
  • HydroCleanse: Pioneers in eco-friendly dishwashing solutions, they focus on minimal water usage without compromising on cleanliness.
  • SterilWash Corp.: Their dishwashers are known for high-temperature sanitization, ensuring germ-free dishes every time.

Always consider user reviews, warranty periods, and after-sales service when deciding on a brand.

Choosing the Right Commercial Dishwasher for Your Restaurant

Selecting the right dishwasher is crucial. It can affect the efficiency of your operations, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Size and Capacity: Match the dishwasher’s size with your establishment’s volume. A small cafe might be well-served with an undercounter model, while a bustling restaurant might need a conveyor dishwasher.
  • Energy and Water Efficiency: Eco-friendly models might have a higher upfront cost but can save money in the long run. Plus, they’re better for the environment.
  • Ease of Use: It should be user-friendly. Staff shouldn’t need extensive training to operate it.
  • Noise Level: A quieter machine can contribute to a better ambiance, especially if the kitchen is close to the dining area.
  • Budget: While it’s essential to invest in quality, there’s no need to buy features you won’t use. Balance your needs with your budget.
  • Warranty and Service: A good warranty can save on future repair costs. Also, consider the manufacturer’s reputation for service. Downtime can be costly in the restaurant business.

Commercial Dishwasher Temperature Requirements

Temperature plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of a commercial dishwasher. Not only does it ensure thorough cleaning, but it also guarantees the dishes are sanitized.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Wash Cycle: The water should typically be between 150°F (65°C) and 160°F (71°C). This ensures effective removal of grease and grime.
  • Rinse Cycle: To sanitize, the rinse cycle should have water temperatures of at least 180°F (82°C). Some high-temperature dishwashers even go up to 190°F (88°C).
  • Chemical Sanitizing vs. High Temperature: Some dishwashers use chemical sanitizers instead of high temperatures. In such cases, the rinse water can be cooler, often around 120°F (49°C).

Always ensure your dishwasher meets the health and safety standards set by your local regulations.

Installation Guide for Commercial Dishwashers

Proper installation is paramount to ensure your commercial dishwasher operates efficiently and safely.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Select the Right Spot: Ensure there’s adequate space for the dishwasher, keeping in mind door openings and rack movements. Accessibility for loading and unloading is crucial.
  2. Check Plumbing Connections: Your chosen spot should have both cold and hot water connections, as well as a drain.
  3. Electrical Connections: Commercial dishwashers often require more power than residential ones. Ensure you have the right voltage, amperage, and a dedicated circuit.
  4. Set the Feet or Casters: Level the dishwasher to ensure proper drainage and operation.
  5. Connect Water and Drainage: Attach the water supply lines and ensure the drainage pipe is connected without kinks.
  6. Test Run: Before you start using it regularly, do a test run to check for leaks and ensure all cycles run smoothly.

Remember, while the installation might seem straightforward, considering a professional can ensure safety and efficiency.

Cost Analysis: Installing a Dishwasher

When budgeting for a new commercial dishwasher, it’s essential to consider both the upfront and ongoing costs.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Purchase Price: Depending on the type and brand, commercial dishwashers can range from $1,000 for basic models to over $20,000 for high-end ones.
  • Installation Costs: Professional installation can range from $200 to $500, depending on complexity.
  • Water and Energy Costs: Efficient models might have a higher upfront cost but can save money in the long run. Consider models with ENERGY STAR ratings.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Set aside a budget for regular maintenance and unexpected repairs. A well-maintained machine can last longer and operate more efficiently.
  • Detergents and Rinse Aids: These are recurring costs. Buying in bulk or choosing concentrated formulas can lead to savings.

Always consider the total cost of ownership over just the initial price. An efficient, slightly pricier model might be cheaper in the long run.

Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Your Commercial Dishwasher

While commercial dishwashers are designed to clean, they too need regular cleaning to operate at peak efficiency.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to maintaining your machine:

Daily Cleaning

  • Empty the Scrap Baskets: Remove any accumulated food particles.
  • Rinse the Spray Arms: Ensure they’re free of debris and can move freely.
  • Wipe Down the Interior: Use a damp cloth to remove any detergent or food residues.
  • Clean the Door Gasket: This prevents mold and ensures a tight seal during operations.

Weekly Cleaning

  • Check the Filters: Clean or replace them if necessary.
  • Inspect the Rinse Arms: Ensure the nozzles are free of obstructions.
  • Deep Clean the Interior: Use a commercial dishwasher cleaner and run an empty cycle.

Monthly Cleaning:

  • Inspect the Thermostat: Ensure it’s accurate to maintain sanitation standards.
  • Check the Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispensers: Ensure they’re dispensing correctly.
  • Examine External Components: Wipe down and check for any signs of wear or damage.

Yearly Maintenance:

  • Professional Inspection: Consider having a technician inspect the machine annually. They can spot potential issues and ensure it’s operating efficiently.

Remember, a clean dishwasher not only operates better but also ensures your dishes are truly clean and sanitized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a commercial dishwasher typically last?

With proper maintenance, a commercial dishwasher can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, depending on usage and the specific model.

Is it necessary to pre-rinse dishes before loading them?

While modern commercial dishwashers are powerful, pre-rinsing can help remove larger food particles, ensuring a more efficient clean.

Can I use regular dish detergent in a commercial dishwasher?

No, it’s recommended to use detergents specifically designed for commercial dishwashers. They’re formulated to work at higher temperatures and with larger loads.

What’s the difference between high-temp and low-temp dishwashers?

High-temp dishwashers use hot water to sanitize dishes, while low-temp models use chemical sanitizers. The choice depends on your preference and local health regulations.

My dishwasher isn’t draining properly. What should I do?

Check for clogs in the drain, inspect the filters, and ensure the machine is level. If the problem persists, consider consulting a professional.


Choosing the right commercial dishwasher for your restaurant is not just about cleanliness; it’s about efficiency, customer satisfaction, and optimizing your operations.

Whether you’re a small cafe or a bustling diner, the right dishwasher can make a world of difference.

We hope this comprehensive guide has equipped you with the knowledge to make an informed decision tailored to your establishment’s needs.

Remember, the key is to balance your specific requirements with your budget, always keeping an eye on quality and reliability. Here’s to spotless dishes and a seamless dining experience for your patrons!