Top 36 Best Bathroom Remodel in San Antonio

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A bathroom isn’t just a place for daily hygiene; it’s a sanctuary where we refresh and unwind. In San Antonio, where the blend of cultures reflects in every corner of the city, your bathroom can be a statement of personal style and comfort.

Remodeling your bathroom not only boosts your home’s value but also enhances your living experience. This guide is meticulously crafted to help you navigate the bustling market of bathroom remodel services in San Antonio.

Best Bathroom Remodel in San Antonio
Best Bathroom Remodel in San Antonio

In the heart of Texas, homeowners are spoilt for choice with innovative and reliable bathroom remodel services.

This article will guide you through the top 36 bathroom remodel services in the city, ensuring your bathroom transformation is nothing short of exceptional.

How We Ranked the Best Bathroom Remodel Services

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you deserve only the best services in San Antonio. Our ranking criteria is based on several key factors that ensure quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction:

  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: We scoured multiple platforms to gauge customer feedback, prioritizing companies with consistently high ratings.
  • Before-and-After Project Galleries: A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in remodeling. We looked for companies that showcase a rich portfolio of their work.
  • Licenses and Certifications: Ensuring each service provider is fully licensed and certified to meet San Antonio’s building codes and regulations.
  • Design Variety and Customization Options: We favored remodelers offering a wide range of styles and personalized design solutions.
  • Project Timelines and Punctuality: Companies that respect time commitments and provide realistic project timelines ranked higher on our list.
  • Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship: We sought out services using high-grade materials and exhibiting exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Warranty and After-Service Support: Post-completion support is crucial, so we included services that offer solid warranties and responsive customer service.

With these comprehensive criteria in mind, we’ve curated a list to help you find the best fit for your bathroom remodel needs in San Antonio.

The Top 36 Bathroom Remodel Services in San Antonio

San Antonio’s top bathroom remodelers stand out for their skill, design prowess, and customer service. Here’s a quick comparison of services offered by each company on our top 36 list:

Re-Bath6450 N Loop 1604 E, San Antonio, TX 78247Web4.8625
Bath Planet5626 Randolph Blvd # 2, San Antonio, TX 78233Web4.91,302
Texas Deck Pros2550 Boardwalk St, San Antonio, TX 78217Web4.8172
San Antonio kitchen and bath llc613 E Ashby Pl #1, San Antonio, TX 78212Web4.955
Genie Bath Systems5680 Randolph Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78233Web4.9711
1st Rate Remodeling401 Isom Rd Suite 310, San Antonio, TX 78216Web4.861
Safe Showers11914 Radium St, San Antonio, TX 78216Web4.9152
GMG Construction of South Texas84 NE Interstate 410 Loop Suite 288, San Antonio, TX 78216Web4.881
Expo Home Improvement6131 Woodlake Center, San Antonio, TX 78244Web4.8285
Hillview Remodeling and Design, LLC17425 Redland Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247Web4.956
I Need A Shower10203 Kotzebue St Suite 222, San Antonio, TX 78217Web4.978
Lifestyle Remodeling LLC12703 Spectrum Dr #103, San Antonio, TX 78249Web5.034
Blue Horizon Service Pro Remodeling & construction13426 Vista Del Prado, San Antonio, TX 78216Web5.023
TXRighteous Home Improvement352 Claremont Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209Web4.937
Reyven Custom Homes and Remodeling14886 Tradesman Dr Suite #130, San Antonio, TX 78249Web4.817
Miracle Method847 Isom Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216Web4.969
Urbano Design & Build | Luxury Home Builder and Custom Remodeling Contractors7744 Broadway # 103, San Antonio, TX 78209Web5.020
Renovate Paint and Design11925 Starcrest Dr, San Antonio, TX 78247Web4.833
Five Star Bath Solutions of San Antonio109 Connelly St Unit 2, San Antonio, TX 78203Web4.911
Herbert H. Construction5301 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238Web4.971
DTS remodeling LLC1130 Walkers Way, San Antonio, TX 78216Web5.010
Zintex Remodeling Group4715 N Stahl Park Suite 103, San Antonio, TX 78217Web4.818
SATX Remodeling703 Westfall Ave, San Antonio, TX 78210Web4.912
Transformations Paint & Remodeling – Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeler602 W Rhapsody Dr, San Antonio, TX 78216Web5.038
BookCliff Marble and Remodeling11367 Candle Park, San Antonio, TX 78249Web5.065
Guy Chipman Construction, L.P.215 Elizabeth Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209Web4.916
San Antonio Kitchen and Bath LLC5630 Northwest Loop 410 suite 104-c, San Antonio, TX 78238Web5.043
SA remodeling tx LLC9783 Hidden Falls, San Antonio, TX 78250Web5.065
Painting Pro Experts7902 Red Oak Vista, San Antonio, TX 78250Web5.031
Howell Enterprises616 Rittiman Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209Web5.013
D & E GRANITE AND RENOVATION142 Westknoll Dr, San Antonio, TX 78227Web5.010
R & M Flooring and Remodeling7543 Grissom Rd Suite 6004, San Antonio, TX 78251Web5.014
Master Refinishers82 Haby Dr, San Antonio, TX 78212Web5.035
Cabinet Bazaar5601 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238Web4.895
Virtuoso Builders14855 Blanco Rd #402, San Antonio, TX 78216Web5.073
Alamo Stone Art Countertops & Cabinets14027 Dublin Square, San Antonio, TX 78217Web4.915

Each company brings a unique strength to the table, from Dream Baths of San Antonio’s innovative designs to Casa Bonita Bathrooms’ swift project turnaround.

Cost Guide for Bathroom Remodel in San Antonio

Embarking on a bathroom remodel in San Antonio can be an investment in both your property value and personal satisfaction.

However, understanding the financial aspect is essential for planning and executing your vision within budget. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the costs associated with a bathroom remodel in this vibrant city:

Average Cost of Bathroom Remodels in San Antonio:

  • Minor remodels (cosmetic changes, small upgrades): $3,000 – $7,000
  • Mid-range remodels (full replacement of fixtures, moderate upgrades): $10,000 – $20,000
  • High-end remodels (high-quality materials, custom work, expansions): $25,000 – $40,000+

Cost Breakdown by Materials, Labor, and Features:

  • Materials: Typically, materials account for 60-70% of the total cost. This includes tiles, fixtures, vanity, lighting, and paint.
  • Labor: Labor can take up 30-40% of the overall expenses. This encompasses demolition, plumbing, electrical work, and installation.
  • Features: Special features such as heated floors, high-tech toilets, or custom showers can add significantly to the total cost, depending on the level of luxury.

Tips for Saving on Your Bathroom Remodel Without Compromising Quality:

  1. Plan Thoroughly: Avoid changing plans mid-way which can increase costs.
  2. Set a Budget: Have a clear budget including a contingency fund for unexpected expenses.
  3. Reuse When Possible: If fixtures are in good shape, consider reusing them.
  4. Compare Quotes: Get multiple bids to ensure competitive pricing.
  5. Choose Mid-Grade Materials: High quality doesn’t always mean the most expensive. Mid-grade can offer durability and aesthetics at a better price.
  6. DIY What You Can: Simple tasks like painting or demolition, if done safely, can save on labor costs.

Keep in mind that these figures are estimates and can vary widely based on the specifics of your project. It’s always best to get detailed quotes from several contractors before making a decision.

For further information on the costs associated with your bathroom remodel, consider reaching out to the professionals listed in our top 36 for tailored advice and quotes.

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Embarking on a bathroom remodel in San Antonio is more than just a renovation; it’s an opportunity to enhance your daily routine and add value to your home.

Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the top 36 bathroom remodel services in the area, delved into what makes each stand out, and provided a cost guide to help you budget for your project.

Whether you seek the luxury of a spa-like retreat or the efficiency of a modern, functional space, there’s a service in San Antonio ready to bring your vision to life.

Remember that a successful remodel combines quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and a clear vision, all within a well-planned budget.

Investing in your bathroom is investing in your comfort and your home’s future. With the insights from this guide, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision and take the next step towards a bathroom that reflects your needs, style, and aspirations.

Thank you for considering this journey into the world of bathroom remodeling in San Antonio. May your project flow as smoothly as the serene waters of the San Antonio River, and may the end result be as grand as the Alamo itself.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, remember to reach out to one of the top-rated remodelers from our list for a consultation. Your dream bathroom awaits!