Empire Today Prices vs Home Depot: (Compared & Reviewed)

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When it comes to home improvement, particularly flooring, homeowners are often faced with a plethora of choices.

The flooring decision not only impacts the aesthetics of a home but also its resale value. This is why it’s essential to consider the costs and benefits of different flooring companies.

Empire Today Prices Vs Home Depot
Empire Today Prices Vs Home Depot

Empire Today and The Home Depot are two giants in the industry, often leaving homeowners wondering about “Empire Today prices vs Home Depot” costs.

In 2023, as both companies continue to evolve and offer various types of flooring, from laminate flooring to carpet installation, the debate intensifies.

Which company offers the best square foot pricing? Where can you save money without compromising on quality? How does customer service factor into the decision?

In this guide, we will dissect every aspect of the Empire Today and Home Depot flooring journey. We’ll explore the nuances of their offerings, from scheduling an in-home estimate to the aftermath of carpet cleaning services.

Whether you’re leaning towards the empire carpeting charm or the diverse options of Home Depot carpet, this article will provide clarity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dive deep into the “Empire Today prices vs Home Depot” debate in the context of home improvement.
  • Understand the offerings of top flooring companies, including empire flooring and its competitors.
  • Discover how installation costs, customer service, and other factors play a role in your flooring decision.

Material Prices Comparison

Material Prices Comparison
Material Prices Comparison

In the realm of home improvement, understanding the cost structure of different materials is crucial. After all, this is often the starting point for homeowners, especially when they’re on a tight budget.

Here, we break down the material prices of Empire Today and The Home Depot to give you a clearer picture.

Empire Today

Empire Flooring is recognized for its diverse range of flooring options. However, one distinct aspect of their pricing strategy is the lack of online transparency.

If you’re looking to understand the costs per square foot for empire flooring, you’d need to schedule an in-home estimate. This approach has its pros and cons:


  • Personalized Pricing: By evaluating your space, Empire Today can offer tailored pricing based on your exact needs.
  • Expert Guidance: The in-home visit allows you to discuss your preferences and get expert advice on the type of flooring best suited for your home.


  • Lack of Immediate Clarity: Without online prices, initial research becomes challenging, leading to potential delays in decision-making.
  • Potential Upselling: In-home visits might sometimes be used as an opportunity to upsell other services or products.

The Home Depot

In contrast to Empire Today, The Home Depot provides transparent pricing on their website. Whether you’re interested in laminate flooring, carpets, or any other type of flooring, you can quickly gauge the cost per square foot.

This transparency allows homeowners to compare and potentially save money. Some of the material options available include:

  • Laminate Flooring: Known for its durability and cost-effectiveness, laminate flooring at The Home Depot is often priced competitively, sometimes even below the national average.
  • Carpet Installation: With a wide range of carpet stores under its umbrella, The Home Depot offers varied carpeting options to fit different budgets.

However, it’s essential to note that while online prices provide an initial estimate, the final cost might vary based on specific requirements, installation complexities, and additional services like carpet cleaning.

Table: Average Price Range (Per Square Foot)

Type of FlooringEmpire Today (Estimated)The Home Depot
Laminate Flooring$2.50 – $5.00$2.00 – $4.50
Carpet Installation$3.00 – $6.50$2.75 – $6.00

(Note: These prices are approximate and can vary based on various factors.)

Labor and Installation

Labor and Installation
Labor and Installation

When it comes to flooring, the material is just one side of the coin. The other crucial aspect is the installation.

A flawless installation can significantly enhance the lifespan and appearance of your flooring, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Let’s delve into the labor and installation practices of Empire Today and The Home Depot.

Empire Today

Empire Today, often referred to as “empire flooring” by many, primarily relies on subcontracted labor. This approach has become a standard in the home improvement industry, but it’s essential to be aware of its implications:


  • Specialized Expertise: Subcontractors often have specialized knowledge in specific types of flooring installations, ensuring the job is done right.
  • Flexibility: With a vast network of subcontractors, scheduling and rescheduling can be more flexible, catering to the homeowner’s needs.


  • Inconsistent Quality: Since different subcontractors might handle installations, there can be variations in the quality of work.
  • Customer Service Challenges: Handling issues or concerns might require liaising with multiple parties, potentially complicating the resolution process.

The Home Depot

Much like Empire Today, The Home Depot also uses subcontracted labor for its flooring installations.

However, given its massive footprint in the home improvement market, The Home Depot has stringent vetting processes for its subcontractors. Some of the notable aspects include:

  • Uniform Training: The Home Depot ensures that all subcontractors undergo standardized training, promoting consistency in installation quality across the board.
  • Warranty and Service: Recognizing the importance of after-sales service, The Home Depot offers warranties on installations, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Labor and Installation Overview

AspectEmpire TodayThe Home Depot
Type of LaborSubcontractedSubcontracted
TrainingVariesUniform & Standardized
WarrantyVaries based on subcontractorOffered on most installations
Customer ServiceMight require liaising with multiple partiesCentralized through The Home Depot’s channels

Financing Options

Financing Options
Financing Options

In the world of home improvement, financing can be the bridge between a homeowner’s dream and reality.

Offering flexible payment options can make high-quality flooring accessible to a broader audience. Let’s examine the financing options provided by Empire Today and The Home Depot.

Empire Today

Empire Today understands that installing new flooring can be a significant investment. To assist homeowners in managing these costs, they offer various financing plans tailored to different needs:

  • Deferred Payment Plans: Homeowners can choose to defer their payments, allowing them some breathing room before they start making monthly installments.
  • Low-Interest Rates: By partnering with various financial institutions, Empire Today offers competitive interest rates, helping homeowners save money in the long run.
  • Flexible Tenures: Whether you’re looking for short-term financing or extended payment plans, Empire Today’s options cater to diverse financial situations.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot, being a giant in the home improvement industry, provides an array of financing solutions:

  • The Home Depot Credit Card: This store-branded card offers exclusive financing options, periodic promotions, and can be a great way to manage flooring installation costs.
  • Project Loan: Specifically designed for substantial home improvement projects, this loan offers extended payment tenures and competitive interest rates.
  • Promotional Financing: Periodically, The Home Depot introduces promotional financing offers, providing homeowners with opportunities to save money and manage their finances better.

Financing Overview

AspectEmpire TodayThe Home Depot
Deferred PaymentAvailableVaries based on promotions
Interest RatesCompetitiveCompetitive, with special rates for cardholders
Loan TenureFlexibleRanges from short-term to extended plans

Service and Warranty Plans

Service and Warranty Plans
Service and Warranty Plans

After getting your flooring installed, the journey doesn’t end there. The real test of a flooring company’s commitment is evident in its post-installation services and warranty plans.

Here’s a detailed look at what Empire Today and The Home Depot bring to the table in this regard.

Empire Today

Empire Today, often referred to as “empire flooring” by many customers, stands out for its unique service plan:

  • Extended Service Plan: Beyond the standard warranty, Empire Today offers a service plan that covers potential damages that might not be included in the regular warranty. This plan is especially beneficial for homeowners looking for added peace of mind.
  • Empire Carpeting Service: For those who opt for carpeting solutions, Empire Today offers specialized carpet cleaning and maintenance services, ensuring the longevity and pristine appearance of your carpets.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Addressing concerns or seeking clarifications is streamlined with Empire Today’s dedicated customer service channels.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot has built its reputation not just on its diverse product offerings but also its post-sales services:

  • Standard Warranty: Almost all flooring installations come with a standard warranty, covering any installation-related issues.
  • Extended Warranty Options: For homeowners looking for extended coverage, The Home Depot offers additional warranty plans at an added cost.
  • Dedicated Help Centers: Whether it’s about understanding your warranty, addressing post-installation concerns, or seeking maintenance advice, The Home Depot’s help centers are always at the service of its customers.

Service and Warranty Overview

AspectEmpire TodayThe Home Depot
Standard WarrantyOffered on most installationsOffered on most installations
Extended ServiceAvailable with added coverageAvailable at an added cost
Customer SupportDedicated channelsHelp centers and dedicated channels

A company’s post-sales services can significantly influence a homeowner’s satisfaction levels.

By understanding the service and warranty plans of both Empire Today and The Home Depot, homeowners can ensure they’re covered for any eventualities and can make the most of their flooring for years to come.

Surprise Fees and Additional Costs

Flooring installations, while seemingly straightforward, can sometimes come with hidden costs that can catch homeowners off guard.

It’s crucial to be informed about potential surprise fees to budget accurately and avoid unwanted financial strains.

Here’s a glimpse into the surprise fees and additional costs associated with Empire Today and The Home Depot.

Empire Today

When considering Empire Today prices vs Home Depot, it’s essential to factor in the potential surprise fees associated with Empire Today:

  • Estimation Fees: While Empire Today offers in-home estimates, there might be instances where these estimates come with associated fees, especially for larger or more complex spaces.
  • Preparation Costs: Depending on the condition of the existing floor, there might be additional charges for floor leveling, old flooring removal, or subfloor repairs.
  • Post-Installation Cleanup: While most installations include basic cleanup, specialized cleaning or waste disposal might come at an extra cost.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot, being a giant in the home improvement realm, strives for transparency. However, certain additional costs might arise:

  • Material Delivery Fees: Depending on the location and the quantity of the flooring material, there might be delivery charges.
  • Specialized Installation: If your space requires specialized installation techniques or tools, it might come with added costs.
  • Additional Services: Services like carpet cleaning post-installation or applying specific finishes might not be included in the standard installation costs.

Potential Surprise Fees Overview

AspectEmpire TodayThe Home Depot
Estimation FeesPossible, especially for larger spacesTypically included, but might vary
Preparation CostsVaries based on existing floor conditionVaries based on existing floor condition
Post-Installation CleanupMight come at an extra costBasic cleanup included; specialized cleaning extra

While both Empire Today and The Home Depot strive to offer transparent pricing, it’s always a wise move for homeowners to ask about potential additional costs upfront.

This proactive approach ensures a smoother installation experience without last-minute financial surprises.

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Choosing the right flooring company is more than just a matter of comparing prices. As we’ve explored in this comprehensive guide on “Empire Today prices vs Home Depot,” several factors come into play.

From material costs and installation practices to financing options and potential hidden fees, homeowners need to have a holistic view to make an informed decision.

Empire Today stands out for its personalized approach, with in-home estimates and a range of financing options.

Their unique service plans, especially for carpeting solutions, make them a strong contender in the home improvement market.

On the other hand, The Home Depot offers the reliability and transparency one would expect from a giant in the home improvement industry. Their standardized training for subcontractors and a plethora of financing solutions cater to a wide audience.

In the end, the best choice depends on individual preferences, needs, and budget constraints. It’s essential to:

  • Do thorough research and possibly visit physical stores.
  • Ask detailed questions about potential additional costs.
  • Understand warranty and service plans in depth.
  • Consider both immediate costs and long-term value.

By keeping the insights from this guide in mind, homeowners can navigate the “Empire Today vs Home Depot” debate confidently, ensuring their homes get the best flooring solution tailored to their needs.